Radon Systems

What is a ProCheck Radon System?

Our radon mitigation systems are professionally designed and installed by trained, licensed Radon Mitigation Specialists. Our specialists have passed a comprehensive National Radon Proficiency Program [NRPP] Radon Mitigation course and exam, must satisfy continuing education requirements and are licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Health. ProCheck Radon Systems are installed according to the stringent requirements of the State of Ohio, Department of Health.

What Items Are Covered?

Upon entering the home, our Radon Mitigation Specialist will construct a schematic of the area in which a radon system could be installed, including the foundation walls, crawl space areas, locations of sump pumps, furnaces, hot water heaters, and any other items that may impact the installation and successful operation of a ProCheck Radon System. We welcome input from the client/homeowner when options for the location of the radon system are available.

Locations of the radon systems are dictated by the most successful place to install the system to maximize radon reduction.

After the installation, our ProCheck Radon Mitigation Specialist will complete a comprehensive Post Mitigation Checklist to ensure the job is up to Ohio Department of Health standards.

Radon is Estimated to Cause Thousands of Lung Caner Deaths in the U.S. Each Year

Radon death chart